What is it?

"Savvy" is a design exercise. It's a proposal for an online budgeting tool for the fictional "Neighbour Bank."

Neighbour Bank wants to attract and retain new, young customers. From earlier market research, the bank discovered that young people have a desire to understand where their money goes and how they can save for big-ticket items like a car or an overseas trip.

My challenge

To propose a solution that could help both Neighbour Bank achieve its goal to grow their customer base in a new market and help young people be more strategic with their money.


I developed a scenario about "Owen", a 23-year old marketing associate. Owen is a reluctant money minder. He's not too interested in budgeting although he thinks it's a good idea. 

Savvy is built right into Neighbour Bank's online offerings. When Owen logs in, he'll see a dashboard showing his budget and actuals. With "Savvy" tips, alerts, and goal-trackers, Neighbour Bank encourages Owen to think about where his money is going.